About Fausto Gardini

I was born in Italy on the Rubicon River (yeah right, that’s where Julius Caesar on January 10, 49 BC said ‘Alea Jacta Est’ [The die is cast] for posterity. I wasn’t there, so I missed him.

  • I grew up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,
  • lived in Paris, France,
  • moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Marcia, my wife, and I lived on St. Simons, Island, Georgia, USA.
  • We now live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

I speak English, French, German, Italian and .. Lëtzebuergesch, the official language of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Marcia, and I have been adopted by Olivia and Bailey of the feline species, who allow us to share their living quarters, as long as we feed them and clean up after them.

Life could be worse! 




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2 responses to “Home

  1. Jo KOHN

    Där erwähnt an Ärem Buch eng Famill von Seyffertitz! Dat sin méng Grousselteren. An der Famill weess keen eppes dat si an Amerika woren!? Hir Duechter Marie von Seyffertitz mat engem George Steull bestued. Si haten een Meedchen (oder méi) wat och bestued war an een Jong hat, de Milton. Wat aus där Famill gin as wees ech nët Wesst Där eppes iwwert si?

    • Hei ass wat am Buch steet, gesammelt vun verschidden Sourcen:

      Labarr, Joseph L. Webster, New York 17 SEP 1894
      De Seyfferitz, Anne Troisvierges 11 APR 1898
      MARRIAGE: Esch-sur-Alzette 21 MAY 1919
      US RESIDENCE: Rochester, New York
      INFORMATION: A travel document, No. 42, for Anne de Seyfferitz Labarr [Name spelled de Seyfferditz] was issued on July 7, 1919, by the Consulate General of the United States of America at Paris, France.
      She signed the document twice; on her picture she signed as Maria von Seyfferitz Labarr.
      Anne Labarr arrived at Hoboken, New Jersey aboard the S.S. Great Northern, on August 8, 1919, from Brest, France with destination Rochester, New York.
      The 1930 Federal census locates at Greece, Monroe County, New York, New York-born Joseph Labarr, age 35, Mechanic Garage, with Luxembourg-born wife Marie, age thirty-one.
      The Escher Tageblatt of Friday, March 29, 1940, published an obituary for Mrs. Widow Adolphe von Seiffertitz, née Anna Schmitz, age 76, of Esch-sur-Alzette. Mr. and Mrs. Labarr-von Seiffertitz and their daughter are listed among the grieving relatives. Given the age of the deceased she was probably the grandmother of Mrs. Labarr, née Anne von Seiffertitz. [German: von – French: de – English: from or of]
      [Anne Labarr – Marie Labarr]

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