An Interview

A real (fictitious) interview about The American Aunt:

Q: Is the book fiction or non-fiction?
A: It’s a non-fiction book. It’s about young ladies from Luxembourg, Europe, who married US servicemen, so called doughboys, in the aftermaths of World War I.

Q: Who could possibly be interested in that subject?
A: I am. But, seriously, it’s an unexplored subject in Luxembourg’s historyBesides to myself, the book should be of interest to history scholars, genealogists (amateur & professional) as well as many Luxembourg-Americans…. and to the Luxembourgers in the Grand Duchy. Who knows, one may find a fabulously rich unknown aunt in the United States or in Luxembourg.

Q: What’s in the book?
A: Section I lists over 200 couples by name, dates of birth and marriage, location of birth and marriage, place of residence in the United States, as well as many tidbits of information about family members. Some 5000 ladies from Europe came as World War I war brides to the United States. My book documents over 200 from Luxembourg.

Q: What are the sources for the information?
A: The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and Federal Census records are primary sources, complemented by information from newspapers and private archives.  All in all, I must have consulted close to 50,000 records for the book.

Q: What are the other sections of the book?
A: Section II gives an historical perspective about Luxembourg’s fate in World War I and the immediate aftermaths.

Q: What else?
A: I included a detailed 16-page index of all the names that appear in the list of couples, that’s almost 1000 individuals.

Q: One more question: Where is Luxembourg?
A: ##*&$@??##!!!!



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